Driving Brand Loyalty With NFTs


The Mission

In collaboration with our partners at Moverz Media Group, we helped Carniroll release its first-ever NFT Collection with a VIP experience as its utility. Our goal was to create brand awareness within the festival community while also introducing the brand to web3 as a way to market its festival.


Facebook, Full Funnel Strategy, Google, Instagram, Paid Media Management, UX/UI Design, Web Development


Utilities Based On VIP Experiences


Of 50 Unique NFTs Sold

The Solution

Driving Loyalty, Building Utility

As web3 marketers, our top priority is to create a long-term strategy for a client to use metaverse channels, instead of creating short-term campaigns that only focused on a one-off transaction. Carniroll shared that vision for their festival the Roll Up and tapped into our team to devise a plan to leverage NFT collections. Our team imagined an experienced broken down into three tiers with 50 people receiving once-in-a-lifetime VIP access based on the NFT purchased, not just a dope piece of art. The NFT was dubbed “The Puff Puff Pass.

Since web3 is a new technology it was important to our team to help educate their community on NFT technology. We created 5 information tutorials to walk the community into how they can create a crypto wallet (needed to store NFTs), as well as how to purchase NFTs through selecting our selected marketplace OpenSea.


Blockchain Consulting

The team at Movers Media Group ensured that the NFT experience worked within the blockchain by developing the solution requested to create unique tokens for each NFT. The solution also let the NFT act as a scannable ticket with a QR code solution put right into the NFT itself once minted by the user.


NFT Landing Page

Our team created a custom landing page solution to market The Puff Puff Pass NFT collection. The landing page featured the carniroll branding, while letting the 🔥 designed NFT animation show off the art around the experience. The Landing page told the full story of the NFT experience showcasing the valuable utility that the pass would provide outside the art.