Streamlining Recruitment: Bridging Salesforce and WordPress for Henry Schein Dental

Henry Schein Dental Recrutiment Services

The Mission

Henry Schein Dental Recruitment Services is a full-service dental recruitment agency that has successfully placed hundreds of general dentists and specialists. However, as the business grew, they faced several problems with their Salesforce CRM and website.


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Connecting the Dots

Bridging Salesforce and WordPress for Seamless Data Management at Henry Schein

  1. The Salesforce CRM and website did not have a centralized database, which meant each system had to be updated manually by a full-time employee who could otherwise be selling.
  2. They did not want to maintain two separate databases for practice listing.
  3. They needed to bridge the gap between Salesforce and WordPress, bringing the data down from Salesforce to the WordPress website and displaying the information to users.
  4. They wanted user information from the website to be synced from WordPress to Salesforce in order to keep customer data up to date for Henry Schein’s sales team.
  5. They needed the ability to sync candidate and position data from WordPress forms to Salesforce.

The Solution

Innovative Solutions: Mission Disrupt's Custom WordPress to Salesforce Sync for Henry Schein Dental Recruitment Services

To address these issues, Henry Schein Dental Recruitment Services turned to Mission Disrupt to build a custom WordPress to Salesforce data sync solution. We built a WP to SF plugin that mapped custom form fields in WordPress to custom objects in Salesforce. They also created a form for job seekers that entered the candidate’s information into Salesforce as a candidate object (custom object). Employers were able to post new jobs, which created a listing in WordPress and synced to Salesforce as a custom position object.