Optimizing Sales: Salesforce CRM to WordPress Data Integration

Henry Schein Dental Practice Transitions

The Mission

Henry Schein Dental Practice Transitions, the nation’s leading dental practice transition company, built a practice marketplace website to list the practices it was tasked with selling. However, as the business grew, the company faced several challenges.


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Bridging the Gap

Streamlining Data Integration Between Salesforce CRM and WordPress for Enhanced Sales Productivity

  1. Their Salesforce CRM and website did not have a centralized database, which meant that each system had to be manually updated by a full-time employee who could otherwise be selling. This process was time-consuming and impacted the sales team’s productivity.
  2. The company did not want to maintain two separate databases for practice listings, as this would create inconsistencies and make it difficult to manage the data effectively.
  3. They needed to find a way to bridge the gap between Salesforce and WordPress, bringing the data down from Salesforce to the WordPress website and displaying the information to users seamlessly.
  4. To keep customer data up to date for the Henry Schein sales team, they wanted user information from the website to be synced from WordPress to Salesforce. This would ensure that the sales team had access to accurate and up-to-date information about their customers.

The Solution

Streamlined Sync: Transformative Salesforce to WordPress Solution

Our development team led a digital transformation effort that resulted in a custom Salesforce to WordPress Data Sync Solution. The solution included some intricate features:

Efficiency Unleashed

Empowering Sales with a Custom Plugin for Seamless Data Integration Between Salesforce CRM and WordPress

  1. Custom Plugin: A custom plugin was created to periodically and efficiently pull down data for practice listings from Salesforce. This included all custom Salesforce objects, as well as custom fields such as specific practice specifications like office technology, operating rooms, SqFT of office, staff information, and revenue data.
  2. Automatic Updating: The custom plugin runs automatically without being prompted by the Henry Schein team, saving valuable time and resources that can be better spent on other tasks.
  3. Flexibility: The solution is flexible enough to automatically pull down any custom fields created in Salesforce, ensuring that all data is accurately reflected on the WordPress site. It is also easily configurable on WordPress, allowing information to be shown on the front end as needed.
  4. Custom Filtering: Salesforce objects are automatically turned into WordPress objects, enabling custom filtering to be applied. This allows users to filter dental practices they are looking for in great detail, making it easier to find the right practice.
  5. Premium Listing: The solution has the ability to gate premium listings for select users who are DSO buyers, adding value to the overall marketplace and improving the user experience.