Scaling DTC Performance Marketing 259%

The Mission got its start in the cabinet industry in 1977, the family-owned firm adapted over decades to serve it's customers, most recently switching to a pure Direct To Consumer play that is designed to give customer's great selection at the most affordable price in the country. After a competitive RFP process, chose Mission Disrupt to manage all of its paid performance marketing initiatives starting with Google Ads and then expanding to Facebook & Instagram. The challenge was to more effectively manage it's paid media spend, decreasing cost per lead before scaling the ad spend.


AI, Analytics, Creative Strategy, Full Funnel Strategy, Google, Instagram, Meta, Paid Media Management, UX/UI Design, Web Development


Increase In Website Form Conversions From Google Ads


Increase in FB Leads From Post IOS 14 Tests


Decrease in Facebook Ads CPL

The Solution

Prioritizing Conversion Actions

Setting the correct conversion actions is important to ensure consistent results in Google Ad Campaigns. Our team ran an exercise that identified the true value each conversion delivered while uncovering inefficiencies in conversions that facilitated higher unqualified leads. Our team then adjusted campaigns to focus on conversions that saw the highest amount conversions that turned into final sales.

Social Media Ad Expansion

After successfully scaling the PPC efforts, we decided it was time to introduce Facebook & Instagram as a channel that could be used to gain brand awareness and increase weekly lead flow. As a Direct To Consumer company with no physical showrooms in the United States, it was important be on a platform that visually displayed the variety of cabinet styles, colors, and features. Our team opted to use video ads focusing on best practice 15 second & 6-second companion ads.  The ads successfully showcased the bold & traditional styles that previous customers had built out in their homes.  The 15 video ads were used in our prospecting campaigns finding new customers we weren’t able to reach on Google while our 6-second ads were used as remarketing ads sent to those who had engaged in the ad but didn’t convert. All of the ads aligned with the goal of conversion while using custom campaign parameters to track the leads from Sales Qualified Lead to Closed Sale.

Pivoting Post IOS 14.5 Update

In the wake of the IOS 14.5 privacy update, every advertiser in the world was affected in some way or another who ran social ads. The update affected Facebook’s to track conversions as well as allowed Facebook users to opt-out of tracking which decreased audiences available to target, was no exception. Our team however acted fast to pivot the efforts. We launched a series of A/B tests across the account, one of these tests was to use the Native Facebook Lead Gen Form instead of website form conversions. The ad format allowed us to sustain audience lists with better engagement, track more conversions while decreasing CPL level post-IOS 14.5 by 86% and increasing leads by 259.184%.