By Dean DeCarlo

April 4, 2020

Marketing In Uncertain Times

Identifying Areas Of Pivot In Your Marketing Campaigns

While the COVID-19 situation wreaks havoc on American businesses it has become clear to our team that now more then ever businesses need solid resources to help them make informed decisions about the marketing spend. Marketers, business owners and company decision-makers are being forced to make cuts each day, and the first rounds of cuts are usually made in the marketing department. Ironically the arm of your business that feeds sale. During the first week of shelter in place we advised our clients to not make resh decisions about cutting, instead to make informed decisions (whether decreases or increases) based on their own data and not the data from general sources. In an effort to help decision-makers everywhere we a few videos that can help companies pivot there marketing in uncertain times, going step by step in a video tutorial on how to evaluate the efficiency of your ad spend by channel & campaign, in an effort to keep your funnels full and the sales going.

If you have any questions on specific strategies on pivoting your marketing spend or about this tutorial, leave us a comment in the section below and our team will answer promptly.