Bank Smarter, Save More

Nassau Financial Federal Credit Union

The Mission

Nassau Financial Federal Credit Union has leveraged the Mission Disrupt digital expertise for over three years. Most recently we were tasked with coming up with a bold new creative strategy while also exploring new digital channels which could be used to drive growth for the Credit Union.


AI, Analytics, Creative Strategy, Full Funnel Strategy, Google, Instagram, Meta, Paid Media Management, UX/UI Design, Web Development


Lower CPM then Traditional TV Ads Using CTV


Increase In Leads YoY


New Marketing Channels Launched On

The Solution

Bank Smarter, Save More

The new tagline for a new ambitious campaign showing how Nassau Financial’s potential members can be financially responsible just by choosing their no-fee, low-interest loan products over their corporate competitors. Our team worked to devise messaging across Personal, Home & Auto Loan products each with a unique message but inspiring potential customers that they can reach their life goals with Nassau Financial by their side.  The challenge also included choosing channels where data-driven audience targeting could help the Credit Union better reach their audience while maximizing their budget.

Social Ads

Part of solving the challenge of reaching a wide audience from Gen-Z to Baby boomers was selecting a channel that could be inclusive to both groups. We leveraged the Facebook Ad Network because of i’s ability to deliver ads to both Facebook, a popular channel for Gen Y, Boomers and Instagram an ideal channel to reach Millennials and Gen-Zers. The campaigns focused on bringing Brand Awareness throughout the county with the goal of lowering CPM over traditional channels while offering greater targeting. Our team handled both the optimization and creative production of ads that reached hundreds of thousands of households.


In 2022 we launched an exciting campaign collaborating with influencers that created user-generated content promoting the HELOC & Auto Loan Product. We extended the life of this organic content by promoting it through the Tik Tok Ad network, the campaign represented an exciting way to reach Gen-Z audiences while also targeting older generations who have flocked to the new social media site.

Connected TV

Our team elected to test CTV ads in place of traditional cable ads. CTV ads allowed us to display non-skippable ads on streamable TV top apps like CBS, CNN, MTV, among other major channels. In addition, we leveraged the power of first-party data to target our exact customer profile using lookalike audiences while also leveraging data from partners like Axicom & Experian to provide greater targeting at the household level. That meant we didn’t reach generic audiences, rather those interested only in the products Nassau Financial offered. Above all, unlike traditional TV, we could track conversions, seeing how many people completed application forms for products.