By Dean DeCarlo

November 11, 2016

3 Steps for Making Successful Snapchat Campaigns

Turning Geofilters into Successful Snapchat Campaigns


The true value of a Snapchat geofilter is in its ability to form an immediate conversation around your brand. To do this, we’ve tested and developed 3 steps for making a successful snapchat campaign for maximizing conversions and then implemented it in our very own Mission Disrupt geofilter, featured at the Long Island Tech Day.

  1. Relatability: Our strategy was centered on the end user, not our services. We found the most successful way to engage users with the filter was to relate to the tech startups and event attendees.  We created a checklist of three words that would resonate with the goals of a startups participating in the Long Island Tech Day. “Create, Innovate, and Succeed”.

Using a relatable concept is key to engaging the user and enticing them to use the filter to send a message. If the user has something to say to a friend with a mutual interest, they will be more likely to use and send the filter.

  1. Mindful Graphic Design: Standing out from otherSuccessful Snapchat Campaign filters but still leaving room for the user’s message is important when considering how to design your filter. We chose a filter that had the relatable checklist and branded graphics of two astronauts shaking hands, a standout display of the business event. Even with those graphics, we still made sure to leave plenty of space for the users to fit in their own picture content to personalize their message.

Balanced design that considers the user is extremely important. While you do want a playful, loud graphic that captures attention, the filter will be better received if the picture can carry a personal message. Designing filters that consider the user will be the difference in starting a conversation about your brand.

  1. Location Targeting: Choosing the right radius to place your filter will be the difference in your demographic reach and your budget. Filters can be placed in custom shapes and locations, so we were able to fit ours right over the building of Long Island Tech Day.



Snapchat Location Targeting


At about $5 for 20,000 square feet, this is by far the most affordable option and allows businesses to experiment with key metrics like time of day, location, and filter design to find which fits best for the demographic you’re trying to reach.

Using these three key guidelines we ran our campaign for the duration of the seven hours of the tech fair. During that time, our filter used 39 times and seen by over 1,100 people.  Most importantly it created a buzz around our brand at the event. Attendees were interested in our creative process and started conversations with us about the services we provide.

Snapchat is opening the doors for brands to reach customers in a personal way on a platform that they use to communicate with friends. Creativity and a positive brand image offers them a way to start conversations rather than aim for the hard sell. By tapping into consumer moments, businesses can offer more than just products and services by allowing customers to use your brand to tell their stories.