Google Marketing Live 2018 | What You Need To Know

Valuable, Transparency, Trustworthy That was the basis of this year’s Google Marketing Live Summit, where Google Executives & Product Managers unveiled the latest updates for their suite of advertising and analytic solutions. This summit marked the continuation of Google’s effort to simplify their advertising experience with a range of changes & new tools for both marketers … Continued

7 Tips to Build Better Mobile Websites

  The study was held through in-person usability sessions with participants in Chicago and San Francisco. Calls To Action Should be Front and Center giving people the easiest time to completing the task at hand on your site. Along with this keep in mind mobile is about having a clutter-free space, ensure promotions (or ads) … Continued

A Golden Opportunity For State Use Programs

A Look Into the Future   As I reflect on this year’s SUPRA conference, I’ve been thinking of the dozens of State Use Programs I had spoken to, hearing about both the successes and challenges these organizations face. Each of these non-profits is trying to expand their business, employ more people with disabilities while seeing … Continued

2019 Marketing Strategy Guide

A Digital Ecosystem That Works   In an age where millions of marketing channels & tools exist I’ll be the first to admit that the strategy process can seem both daunting and complicated to companies looking to make a significant impact in 2019. With so many options to choose from companies often ask themselves “Where … Continued

Evolving Your Company’s Brand

Man On A Mission   Four months ago I walked into our office in Westbury and prepared for a morning meeting with our team. I knew our fall was going to be busy; we had just won pitches to help launch two new start-ups in the marketplace for 2018. The pitch included work from brand … Continued

Adapting Digital Marketing To Customer Moments

Consumers Are Changing   With the world of consumer behavior evolving, this year was an important tipping point towards mobile device usage. According to Google, more than 51% of all online searches are now conducted through mobile devices, and 87% of all users turn to their mobile devices first when they need to get tasks … Continued

3 Steps for Making Successful Snapchat Campaigns

Turning Geofilters into Successful Snapchat Campaigns   The true value of a Snapchat geofilter is in its ability to form an immediate conversation around your brand. To do this, we’ve tested and developed 3 steps for making a successful snapchat campaign for maximizing conversions and then implemented it in our very own Mission Disrupt geofilter, featured … Continued