Summit Academy

Community, Character, Mastery


We were approached by Summit Academy Charter School, a non-profit school located in Red Hook Brooklyn to assist them in a campaign to drive school applications for their middle school and high school programs. The school was looking to test a digital approach for the first time and needed a digital strategy that was cost effective and results oriented.

" Mission Disrupt worked with our school to create a beautiful new website, an inspiring enrollment commercial and a strategic Facebook advertising plan. The team was timely, professional and above all helped us exceed our enrollment goals."
- Natasha Campbell, Executive Director of Summit Academy Charter School
Recruiting Future Scholars
We devised a promotional recruiting campaign that encompassed a scripted commercial, web development & Facebook ads to maximize the impact of the campaign. The campaign was dubbed the “Unwrap Your Potential Campaign” enforcing that Summit Academy was a place where low-income students could thrive by finding their true passions with the help from the charter school. Initially Summit Academy had an outdated website with little branding direction. By taking control of each facet of of the campaign from creative to distribution we were able to present a more seamless and comprehensive user experience while reaching a higher rate of success.
Unwrap Your Potential
The commercial, which used a full 50 person cast of real students, follows the narrative of the new girl in school trying to discover her way in life. She notices that each student has found their passion from sports to music. She begins to become memorized by what she learns in science class and decides to compete in the school science fair. While working hard to create her project, she is fostered by a caring faculty member and comes up with a new creation. This creation is revealed at the end of the commercial to be her gift. A gift that ultimately leads her to unwrap her potential and an acceptance letter to college. View the commercial here
A Renewed Look
Summit Academy Charter School needed a newly branded website that also complemented the daily operations of their school. Using WordPress as a content management system, we designed a website that looked aesthetically please but also allowed for: application sign-ups, donation acceptance through Paypal, event manager and RSVP function, schedule updates and news & announcements content manager.
Engaging The Right Parents
We choose Facebook as the advertising network of choice because of the ability to target based on interests, location, and behaviors. Using razor sharp demographic targeting allowed for our message to be severed to the right people while behavioral and interest targeting allowed us to target based on moments of user intent, increasing the chance for conversions. We took advantage of both video & carousel ad formats that enabled us to tell the story of Summit Academy Charter School while amplifying our original media.


  • Exceeded enrollment goal by 23%
  • Over 47,000 people within target audience reached
  • Over 300 social interactions (likes, shares & reactions)