Spectrum Bakes

A Recipe For Success


Spectrum Bakes, part of the family of brands started by the Spectrum Design Foundation, tasked our team with building an e-commerce website that also tied into it’s social mission of employing those with autism. Spectrum wanted a self managed e-commerce platform that allowed for non-technical users to easily manage the shop on a day to day basis.

" If what you are looking for is reliable, responsive and "game changing" company representation in the digital sphere, look no further than Mission Disrupt! We at Spectrum Designs couldn't be happier at finding a company that can meet our ever evolving digital needs."
- Patrick Bardsley, CEO of Spectrum Designs Foundation
A Story Worth Telling
Amplifying the Spectrum Bakes message was at the forefront of this project. We used rich media like video and photography of their facility to tell the story of the lives they impact. An Instagram feed was used to keep website content updated in real time further telling the story of their brand.
Easy To Use Customization
We knew an e-commerce store wasn’t enough for Spectrum Bakes. We took it a step further and developed an e-commerce store that would allow for customization options to be inputted and designs to be uploaded right on the site by the user. By doing this, we streamlined a tedious process that was normally done through phone or multiple email exchanges.
A Multi-Brand Experience
Spectrum Bakes is part of a family of social enterprise brands that employ those with autism. Our team came up with an idea for a multi-brand navigation bar that let the users fastly view the sites of the other services they offered, thus maximizing customer lifetime value for the company.