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Quantamize, a financial tech start-up whose goal is to help independent investors grow their portfolios through AI-driven quantitative research, sought our team to perfect its user experience. Within two month’s our team responded with a fully designed and developed dashboard that complimented the unique information offered to its subscribers.

Categories: UX/UI Design
At its core, Quantamize looks to empower investors with the ability to discover their next big investment with quantitative research. Keeping this in mind we centered the design around discoverability, with intuitive modules that highlighted research opportunity in a buy/sell matter. By carefully segmenting out the products we also made it easier to find research relevant to that user. Lastly the ability to track research through an easy "Add To Watchlist" button on many of the dashboard pages makes it easy to follow the progress of an investment opportunity.
Each module featured within the dashboard required a balance of what both amateurs and veteran investors looked for when evaluating investment opportunities. The dashboard modules allowed for investment information to be read in a quick & digestible manner but also appealed to information junkies by allowing a user to easily dive into detailed investment information.
One of the largest issues we encountered in the old Quantamize design was the ability to find information and quickly navigate throughout the platform. By incorporating a static sidebar menu design, users now had the ability to access any product with just a few clicks. The addition of breadcrumbs allowed users to go to visit previous pages with ease, while not having to restart their search. Finally, by adding an expandable stock ticker at the top of each page, users could easily benchmark any investment opportunity against major global index.