Fortified. Intelligent. Modern.

Modern Safe Inc, hired Mission Disrupt to help build a direct to consumer (DTC) safe brand that reinforced it’s core values of craftsmanship, affordability, and integrity. Our team built a brand identity from the ground up, creating a memorable brand name, slogan, and minimalistic website that showcased it’s products & made it easier for consumers to shop for safes.

" We partnered with Mission Disrupt to bring our brand to life. They worked hard to create us a logo & website from the ground up while also handling our marketing for us, so far I am 100% happy with their team."
- Vince Slepak, Co-Founder Of MSafe
Developing A Modern Safe Company
The founders of Modern Safe Inc, trusted our team to use our talent to develop a direct to consumer brand that customers could easily recognize in a sea of competitors. Our team shortens the name to "MSafe" making it easier for customers to remember the brand. We designed a logo and created a slogan that paid tribute to the holding companies name.
User Experience Designed To Sell
Our team understood that the website design was a pivotal part of the DTC business model. Our team needed to build a site that was unique in look but persuaded the users to buy the safe product. Our team decided on a minimalistic design inspired by the boldness of black and white newspaper. We created segmented products categories by product use, including home, fireproof, document & burglary, making it easy for users to find a safe for their need. Lastly dividing safe lines by "Good, Great, Better & Best" made it simple for the user to understand which safe line to browse.
Intelligent Product Wizard
One of the main pain points described by the founders was that users often found it frustrating to figure out what safe was right for their needs. Our team took this as an opportunity to develop a product wizard that asked the user a series of questions and then served the user with the exact products that met their needs.