Men On The Move

When It's Time To Move, Trust The Men


Men On The Move is a leading Moving & Storage company located on Long Island, NY. The firm has seen large-scale growth in its 33 year existence and sought a Marketing & Advertising agency to support its in-house marketing team with its digital efforts. At the time, they felt their current online advertising budget was being inefficiently used, not driving enough clicks across both their moving and storage businesses.

The company tasked us with developing the following during the 2017 – 2018 fiscal year:

  • Marketing strategy across digital platforms.
  • Designing a custom designed website .
  • Automating the storage unit reservation process through software integration.
  • Developing a plan to measure return on investment for digital channels.

" We at Men on the Move cannot be more satisfied with the results of our new website and marketing strategies from Mission Disrupt... Kudos to the entire team!"
- John Beyer, Founder of Men On The Move
...Trust the men at Men On The Move. Our team wanted to enforce this brand message through online channels. Brand awareness was no stranger to the company who mastered the use of traditional marketing to grow the company. Now it was our turn to lend our expertise to them. Our team quickly went to work conducting a full audit of Men On The Moves pay-per-click activity, identifying inconsistencies in there campaigns. By coming up with a new strategy, we reorganized the campaign to target specific niche customers for their storage business while identifying more cost-efficient keywords to bid on for there moving business. Our team also realigned banner and display ads to focus on brand awareness and audiences with specific interests and demographics that matched income levels and areas of typical residential customers. Lastly, we deployed & integrated call tracking with Google Adwords to better understand the ROI of our digital spending.
Extending Men On the Moves strong brand to web form was a challenge our team looked forward to. Our team decided to put professionalism at the forefront of the design using video to show this message while highlighting a variety of awards and accolades on the front page. The design emphasized the process that set Men On The Move apart and educated their users of the benefits of using their company. Clear call to actions was placed on the site, guiding the user to contact the sales team associated with the service.
Men On The Move relied on an outdated system of following up with leads and manually adding each new customer to their system. We integrated the website with their Sitelink storage software, allowing the site to display real-time rates and availability of units in real time. This integration enabled for the lead capture while automatically creating a user account within the system, allowing for quick check-ins for customers at multiple storage locations.


  • 103% increase in sessions YoY from paid media with same budget.
  • 47% impression share for select keyword list.
  • 50 conversion average per month.