Long Island Fight for Charity

Where local business people step in the boxing ring to raise funds for charity


Design Built For Today’s User
At the center of our design experience was the simplicity to make all information easily accessible to users. We opted to use a left sidebar navigation system, showcasing the content on the right side of the screen while still keeping the navigation bar always within view. This design seamlessly transitions to mobile screens making the experience familiar no matter what device is used.
Dynamic Content Modules
Our team built out custom post types in WordPress to accommodate yearly changes in information. The post types were built to fit the needs of volunteer profiles, sponsors & other charities that participated in the event. These post types allowed for information to immediately flow into our templates ensuring the layout on the front end always looks spot on.
Easy-To-Use Backend
One of the main goals of the build was to make editing all page content of the site easy for the Long Island Fight For Charity team. Our team created custom fields for all site content, cutting out future development time for the organization and saving them hundreds of dollars every year.


The popular Long Island charity partnered with Mission Disrupt to create a modern website design that allowed the non-profit to highlight the main event. The organization also challenged us to build a website that was maintainable by their staff and allowed for dynamic content to be displayed such as participants, sponsors, and causes, all of which could be changed every year.