Jersey Cape

Badges for Pools, Lakes, Events, Beach Tags


Jersey Cape Diagnostic is the largest manufacturer of beach tags in the United States with two locations in Jersey Cape a popular beach town in southern New Jersey. The goal of the website was to create a unique website design that embraced beach culture while streamlining beach badge customization online, saving time for users and sales staff.

" The MD team was very creative, forward-thinking and easy to work with! They took the time to understand our pain points using that insight to build a solution that compliments our sales efforts!"
- Anne Garrison, Assistant Executive Director
During the design process, our team decided that emphasis on the companies beach town culture was paramount. By embracing this beach theme, we let the brand embody the very thing its product was centered around; fun in the sun. We ensured the call to actions appeared prominently throughout the site making it as frictionless is possible to make a purchase.
Using WooCommerce, we built an e-commerce site that allowed users to choose from 546 beach badge style options. We built in plugins that allowed for discount pricing for bulk purchases as well as order minimums to preserve volume orders. UPS real-time shipping was integrated to give customers accurate prices on shipping while allowing Jersey Cape to place tracking #’s for items and print shipping labels out directly from WooCommerce Finally; the e-commerce shop is entirely manageable by non-technical users & responsive on all devices ensuring a consistent experience no matter the device.
The most powerful integration of this custom ecommerce website is the drag and drop builder feature. This integration allows users to quickly upload there design, adding shapes, text & clipart to the design as they see fit. Shop managers then receive PDF proofs of the user's designs, allowing them to easily apply them to the printing of the products.
With no developers on staff, Jersey Cape wanted to be able to update the website easy and effortlessly. Our team further built out the WordPress content management system to allow for custom post types. These posts made changing front-end content, like marketing copy, easy for any non-technical user. Additionally, adding new services and products is possible, taking content written by admins using post types and inserting it into custom page templates to create new landing pages on the fly.