Easy Listing, Easy Living.


The Homechatta team had a vision for disrupting the real estate industry by creating a platform where busy homeowners could list, sell and swap homes with other homeowners. The team hired Mission Disrupt as their website development & design partners, challenging our Long Island-based website design agency to create a beautifully designed user experience while asking our development team to create solutions to allow for a full-service listing platform for their users. Additionally, the start-up tasked us with creating a brand identity which included logo, slogan and marketing material for their company.

" Dean and the Mission Disrupt team were incredibly knowledgeable an dedicated to the task of building a website for my company. They walked us through the whole process and took the time to educate myself and my partners on the set up and maintenance of the site and we are incredibly pleased with the final product. Could not be happier with the level of service and support from Dean and his team.d"
- -Chad Daniels, Co-Founder Of Homechatta
Brand Identity
Our team knew the brand needed to be highly relevant to its target audience. Our team did this by capturing feelings of comfort & family lifestyle, within the design of the website. We positioned Homechatta's like a DIY real estate listing service, which also complimented there busy lives. We crafted a logo using the roof and chimney of a house while using modern san-serif typography to emphasize the "home" in Homechatta. Color choice was important, using soft colors to give Homechatta and all of its marketing material an inviting look. Lastly, we created a slogan that hit at the core of Homechatta's mission of "Easy Listing, Easy Life."
User Experience/User Interface Design
The experience of the Homechatta website needed to be consistent with the brand identity, while boosting easy to use features. Our team customized an intuitive listing layout, prioritizing easy to navigate page architecture & mobile responsiveness. The design featured search functionalities, saving calculators and a pinpoint map view of all houses on the website.
Custom Website Development
Developing this platform required us to map out multiple use cases for the website. First, we thought about the core users who would list their houses. We had to create custom listing forms, integrating with Google API's to verify real addresses. The form had to have plenty of custom fields that collected house information, while also providing reliable payment methods. Our team built a dashboard that housed all of this information in an easy to access place. Additionally, we added chat features that allowed users to interact with each other.
We created a user role for advertisers, giving the founders of Homechatta a way to monetize their website. The role allowed for advertisers to list businesses, giving users information about companies related to home services, and advertisers a way to collect leads through an automotive messaging system. Reoccurring payment was added to allow for monthly advertising packages.