Fortune Partners Group

Wealth Management Website


Fortune Partners Group, an international wealth management firm, needed a premium website redesign in anticipation of it’s new direct investment service. The Mission Disrupt team was chosen based off its past experience in both the banking and investment space, making it an ideal fit to lead the website design and development efforts.

Combing Breathtaking Design With Functional Experience
Our team's extensive experience in the financial industry has taught us many lessons but when it comes to websites, financial companies need to look the part of an industry-leading firm, where design is the first line offense in communicating the value of the company to their clients, especially when they offer a unique direct investment service, leading rounds of investments for companies like Uber, Airbnb, Didi & Lyft. This one of a kind layout, infused company culture and seamless navigation to build a memorable website that shows the user the hands-on approach Fortune Partner Group offers to its customers.
Maximizing The Power Of CMS
The backend of the website is powered by WordPress by fully built out in a way that creates total customization of texts, image assets, videos and CTAs for Fortune Partners Group marketing team. These custom fields make it easy for non-developer personnel to make changes while keeping unnecessary development hours our of the picture and rapid deployment of new marketing messages possible.
Multi-Language Integration
When you have offices around the world, it's important messaging is comprehensive to all user bases. Because of the large Spanish speaking client base of Fortune Partners Group, they needed a solution that would house copy for both languages and avoiding the inaccuracy of automated translators. Our team integrated a multi-language tool that allowed for custom copy of both languages to be housed on the site but only visible to users when they selected an alternative language from the top menu bar.