Fedcap Rehabilitation Inc.

The Power Of Possible


Fedcap Rehabilitation Inc., a leader in creating opportunities for people with barriers to economic well-being, challenged Mission Disrupt to help grow two business divisions. Our team responded by deploying a digital marketing strategy to gain leads for its Home Health Care & Document Management services. website

" Mission Disrupt laid out a comprehensive strategy to how our businesses could gain leads from a Google Adwords campaigns. They take the time each week to report to our executive staff, thoroughly explaining their process. Their team has been proactive in suggesting changes and extremely responsive to any questions we ask"
- Aisha Lucas, Vice President Fedcap Home Health Service
The Power Of Possible
Fedcap's Home Health Care business wanted to boost higher visibility to potential customers online. We developed a digital marketing strategy around search engine marketing, using Google Adwords as a paid media channel to gain immediate traction in carefully targeted locations. The approach made use of intent based keyword & advanced targeting features like user income & age to further qualifying leads during the campaign.
Inspiring Action With Design
We developed landing pages for both businesses that educated users on the services they performed. The design highlighted key benefits and customer testimonials that gave credibility to the fast-growing divisions of Fedcap. Only three call to actions were present on the pages, guiding users to contact Fedcap for more information.
Integrating With CRM software
Tracking leads were essential to the executive staff of Fedcap. We integrated the website contact form with their Salesforce platform allowing them to track leads from beginning to the end of the sales cycle. Additionally, we tagged the website with conversion tracking enabling us to track both form fill outs and calls that are attributed to our ads.
Intuitive Call Tracking
Our team implemented call tracking technology to help Fedcap understand the impact of how there digital & traditional media ads drove direct phone calls to there organization. This analytic tool is instrumental in helping to understand channels with the highest ROI & keywords + placements that performed the best in each campaign.


  • Averaging 20-25 leads per week (Digital).
  • Understanding of calls driven by media channels.