Marketing In Uncertain Times

Identifying Areas Of Pivot In Your Marketing Campaigns While the COVID-19 situation wreaks havoc on American businesses it has become clear to our team that now more then ever businesses need solid resources to help them make informed decisions about the marketing spend. Marketers, business owners and company decision-makers are being forced to make cuts … Continued

How To Use Google Analytic’s Behavioral Flow Tool

What Is The Behavioral Flow Tool In Google Analytics?   The Behavior Flow tool is a feature in Google Analytics that documents the pages, events and actions that users take while exploring your site. This tool easily aggregates the data to then show you the most common paths that users take while browsing your site. … Continued

Tutorial: Using Google Model Attribution Tool

What Is the Google Model Attribution Tool Used For?   Simply put, the Google Model Attribution tool allows marketers to view how their advertising channels would be credited with a conversion across seven different default models available in Google Analytics. The tool can be used to compare models to each other and be applied across … Continued