Leveraging AI for Sea Tow's Customer Acquisition Success

Sea Tow

The Mission

As Sea Tow International expanded into new franchise locations, they sought a competitive edge to enhance their national Meta ad campaign's customer acquisition performance. Despite leveraging Meta's native targeting, Sea Tow recognized the untapped potential in their extensive customer records. They needed an advanced solution to transform this data into actionable insights.


AI, Analytics, Creative Strategy, Full Funnel Strategy, Google, Instagram, Meta, Paid Media Management, UX/UI Design, Web Development

The Solution

Sea Tow turned to our AI-powered predictive model to revolutionize their approach

AI-Driven Persona Identification

By inserting SeaTow’s historical customer data into our model, we identified key behaviors, interests, demographics, and common traits without the need for focus groups. This segmentation resulted in distinct targeting personas derived solely from their data

Tailored Creative Messaging

Armed with these personas, the creative social team developed highly personalized messaging for each group, significantly boosting engagement.

Predictive Household Scoring

Utilizing our identity graph, which consists of 270 million households, our model pinpointed those most likely to purchase a membership before they even showed interest.

High-Value Customer Insights

We identified potential high-value customers and predicted existing customers likely to churn, allowing for proactive engagement strategies.