By Dean DeCarlo

March 3, 2018

7 Tips to Build Better Mobile Websites


The study was held through in-person usability sessions with participants in Chicago and San Francisco.

Calls To Action Should be Front and Center giving people the easiest time to completing the task at hand on your site. Along with this keep in mind mobile is about having a clutter-free space, ensure promotions (or ads) do not block your call to action.
If you run an e-commerce shop or publishing site make sure your search bar is visible without scrolling. The search results should show the strongest results ensuring your customer finds exactly what they’re looking for while filter fields should be intuitive enough to provide a streamlined search experience to related search categories.

The beauty of the internet is the amount of information at the tip of our fingers, that being said, users may not want to convert right away, and that’s ok. Allow the users to browse through your site, deciding when to convert when they’re willing and ready. Don’t worry if you articulate your position well with helpful content; this won’t be an issue for you.

Adding a guest checkout to your e-commerce shop lets users purchase quickly and allows you to increase conversions that may have dropped off if the registration process was too long for the user at that moment. Remember more steps in the sales funnel equals higher drop off rates. For registered users be sure to use pre-filled information automatically to increase the speed of the checkout and make use of third-party payment platforms.

If customer service is a top priority, you’ll want to ensure that a click to call number is prominently shown on your website, making it easy for the users to find it.

Forms provide detailed contact information to your company, but it’s important all of your forms are as streamlined as possible some easy to implement features include simple checkboxes, visual calendars when selecting dates and real-time form validating so the user doesn’t have to find out at the end that they missed something. Of course, the less information you collect, the better the chances the user fills the form out.

Lastly, your site should be designed with a mobile-first mindset. You want to ensure that every page on your site is fully responsive. Users shouldn’t have to pinch to zoom to read text on your site, at the same time enhanced picture like 360 views give users an in-depth look at the products you sell. Another pet peeve for users is the classic “Mobile Site | Full Site” labels, these labels only confuse users, making them think the mobile site is short of content the desktop site may have. Instead remove these labels altogether after you implement these changes!

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